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  • How to achieve an A rating on Qualys SSL Labs with Windows

    I went to Qualys SSL Labs recently to find out how secure my SSL certificate was and unfortunately received a C rating. This did surprise me, because this was based on a base Windows 2012 R2 installation with all the new Windows Updates. See here how to fix this.

  • C# 6 - String Interpolation

    String Interpolation is a new feature to C# that was introduced in version 6. It allows you to create a string with one or more placeholders in it whereby the placeholders are then evaluated and replaced with values relating to variables within the available context. Here's a short summary of what it allows you to do.

  • Bonobo Git Server - GitHub Trends

    Hosted Git services such as GitHub and BitBucket have a number of benefits. No server maintenance, constantly being updated with new features and bug fixes, not to mention a good community and a whole host of online tutorials. But can Bonobo Git Server convince me self-hosted Git Server solutions are a good idea?

  • Let's Encrypt - How to set up on a Windows Server and help make the Web a safer place!

    Let's Encrypt is a free tool that allows you to create, manage and auto renew SSL certificates for web services, web applications or any sort of applications where secure transportation of data can utilised! Learn how to install it on your Windows Server!

  • Linq To Examine - A Short Introduction

    Linq to Umbraco is an open source library for Umbraco that allows you to easily access data from the Lucene Index. Here I'll introduce you to Linq To Examine, which will help you write fast pages that can access lots of data and perform searches with minimal code!

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    Merge pull request #22 from tommy-w-mentor/backofficeuserhelper
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    changes to BackofficeUserHelper, simplifies to just IsUserAuthenticated
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.NET core API Gateway

C# 2.5k 33 issues need help Updated Nov 13

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Focus on the content and structure of your HTML

HTML 362 Updated Nov 12

base33 pushed to 5.0 in base33/Web-Blocks Sep 4, 2018
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    Full models builder and Ditto support in preview mode
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    Add support for complex RenderModel on Umbraco Templage Pages